M.T.B. Arts College

Future Plans

The Mission of the institution is 'Satisfying the educational needs of the society at large by making quality education easily accessible to one and all at affordable cost. It also aims at maintaining the relevance of Humanities and Social Sciences in the present age of Science and Technology.'

he College must strive to increase the involvement of their alumni in developmental and student-oriented activities for the benefit of the students.

For providing competitive environment and for improvement of standard, it is necessary to take in teachers and students from as diverse as possible and permissible.

Encouraging interaction of the faculty members with others at state-level, national and international level will be beneficial.

By virtue of its rich heritage, the college with other institutes of Management deserves to apply for deemed university status.

Keeping the disaster in view, proper care should be taken to preserve the rare books and invaluable manuscripts against such future occurrences like keeping the ground floor as reading and activity place and making the first floor as a place of stocking the books.

Proper ramps and such other infrastructure facilities are to be provided to cause easy movement and access to the physically handicapped students.

A separate system of cassettes/CDs and such other audio systems be arranged in the form of library facilities for the visually challenged students.

Entire class room furniture and other furniture is to be replaced with the new furniture to suit the needs of the day and also keeping in view the future requirements.

Career oriented programs, coaching classes for competitive examinations and such other career development programs be introduced with the assistance from U.G.C.
Proper standardization of formats of feed back from students for evaluating the teaching staff, evaluating the syllabus, on the expectations of extra curricular and co-curricular activities is essential.

Performance appraisal is of highest importance to evaluate the internal and external abilities of the staff members. Therefore there should be proper formats for self appraisal, followed by the review of the heads so that necessary sops can be offered inclusive of out-of-turn increments, further elevations etc.

Language laboratory be started and possibilities to start foreign language courses be explored. (The college earlier started French and German language courses, which are not available now.)

There is demand from the stake-holders for conduct of spoken Sanskrit classes and this can be easily be arranged.

In view of the spectacular performance of the students in fine arts and allied activities, the college may moot the proposal for having courses in performing arts to yield more career-oriented excellence in this field.

In view of the vast ground, pavilion and other infrastructure facilities coupled with the excellence of students on various levels, the college may moot a proposal for introduction of B.P.Ed., which would be a value addition. In this regard the college may think of collaborative arrangements with authorities like SAI, BCCI etc.

Introduction of graduate level courses in Computer Applications and Management will give more value addition and the college management may moot a proposal in this regard with the authorities concerned.

The Institution should endeavour to get projects/consultancy assignments, on remunerative basis to utilise the skills of the valued faculty members.

Placement and Career Counselling Cell to guide and train students for shaping their career should be further strengthened.

The institution achieved the distinction of encouraging the students to appear in English medium. The institution also submitted that it made an attempt in this direction by offering Economics in English medium, which was subsequently stopped due to some bottle-necks beyond its control. But in view of the thumping demand for English medium courses and also in view of the rich heritage and worthy background, which many peers are not having, the institution should try to introduce English as medium of instruction, wich will take care of the industrial need for B.P.O. ad other opportunities for the students after the completion of their courses of study.

The peer team expresses its heart felt gratitude for the unstinted cooperation extended by the Principal and staff of the college for the successful conduct of the visit and the management of the college for its pro-active attitude and for giving patient heed to the team and positively accepting the suggestions.